The Deathly Hollows- Most Anticipated Moments

While I am thinking about it, I wanted to list the number of reasons why I am looking forward to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. 

This is unusual for me to write about since i am sometimes too focused on Twilight-that is normal though right?!-so this is me going at a different approach for something to write about. 

I had a special request from my cousin BDC who is an In-Denial Twi-hard refuses to watch Twilight with his wife (who happens to be Twi-Mom L that is just as addicted as I am.)  But he is a dedicated reader to my sarcasm column (thank you.) The request was to write about something that he is fully interested in too. So that got me thinking about Harry Potter. 

Now I am definitely a  HP….but it still is not nearly as fantastic as Twilight. 

My history of  HP in the last 10ish years has been…Harry who?… that a disease?!….Needless to say I asked the same question about Edward Cullen before I dove into the vegetarian Vampire  world. 

Let’s face it.. I lived under a rock most of my informative years. At least  I watched Dumb and Dumber religiously, so that should make up for something. 

So finally last winter I broke down and watched every HP movie made so far back to back. Then I was ready for the Deathly Hollows to end the story, but of course it hadn’t even been filmed yet, so I did the most logical and read the last book. When it comes to Arts and Entertainment I am very impatient to see how they end. “To Be Continued is like a death sentence. I do not watch much TV since I’m cheap and don’t have TIVO commercials make me want to hang myself. So I wasn’t going to wait around another year for the last book to be made into a film (or two.)
Maybe i should have read the books from the very beginning, but I did not think I would get into them as much as i would the movies.  But seeing as the last book was ohh soo good I might just do that. 

By the way, my favorite HP movie was year four in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…I will let you guess why. 

This chap makes Hufflepuff look good! Well lets face it, he makes ANYTHING look good.


Now that I have subscribed to the J.K. Rowling movement, I am DYING to enroll into Hogwarts myself, and play Quiddich of course! (especially since i personally exhale in sports..) 

On’s Most Anticipated Moments of HP and The Deathly Hollows: 

continually, I am Team Ron. (Team Cedric officially…but he doesn’t stick around unfortunately like our three main protagonists.)  So I am reaaaaally looking forward to Rupert Grint studder when he talks to Hermione and quiver in his shoes when anything needs to be done. Heyyy bravery isn’t in EVERY bloodline, and that is OKAY!! 

"It's okay..this is my normal's just a sp-sp-sp-SPIDER!!!"


 –THE TENT SCENES!  And you thought those were only synonymous to Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Well I have to say that HP has way cooler tents; tiny camping tents on the outside; but house-sized abode with separate fully furnished rooms on the inside. I want one dagnabbit.  Besides the tent itself, the three use the tent to stay hidden, and have numerous heart to hearts. 

-Ginny kissing Harry. Enough said. She stands by her man, but doesn’t get in the way. 

-Jamie Campbell Bower as Grindelwald! Okay this is the guy who plays the cynical Caius of the Volturi, and conjured a scandal by telling interviewers that the Volturi was going to shoot their scenes naked. Let’s see how he does with a more noble character.
Bower recently became engaged to Bonnie Wright (19) who plays Ginny. Vampires and Witches unite

Harry wouldn't approve.


 -Rhys Ifans as Xenphilious Lovegood. Now that is great casting. I love Luna, and as crazy as she is, her dad is 100 times more. I could not think of anyone else to fit that part. 

-Seeing George and Fred pulling shenanigans one. last .time. Sorry that was a spoiler possibly. 

-The ending. Will Ron end up with Hermione? Will Harry marry Ginny, and have children named after Sirius and his parents? What happens to Malfoy? Will Harry sacrifice everything for Valdermort? Usually HP is adapted well (GET A CLUE MELISSA ROSENBERG.)  So here’s to wondering if Harry’s fate stays true to form. 

This is the first time we've EVER skipped school at Hogwarts! Hope our teacher doesn't flunk us in Defense Against the Dark Arts! Who is our teacher??



Ron and Hermione. It only took him seven years to make a move. Only.


"This is how a "Mudblood" gets it done! Get out of the way Malfoy"


Collective Thoughts: Harry:"Do I look more like my mom or my dad? Do I look like Sirius with this grimace?" Ron: "I don't know why we aren't using his Invisibility Cloak, it might protect us against spiders too." Hermione-"At this rate, Ron won't shake my hand until we're graduated. Chicken!"


 November 19th where are you?