What in the wild wild world of sports is goin’ on here?

I would like to wish a special birthday to the genious-idiot[isn’t that an oxymoron?!]  of comedy, Mel Brooks. 84 years young and still dancin!  



There is nobody as creative and as dumb enough in show biz to come up with such farce comedies including a psychotic psychiatrist who works at the institute for the very very nervous, a dutch grandmother, Jews in space, a Drewish princess, character names for Harvey Korman that no one else can pronounce, the sheriff is near, orchestras playing in the middle of the desert, ect…Made some like Dom Deluise a star of his own kind, and was still lucky enough to marry Mrs. Robinson!  …they say opposites attract.  

He is the only one to make fun of everyone and get away with it- he even makes fun of his own kind…The likes of Leslie Nelson, Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Charlie Chaplin, and even slap stick teams such as The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, and Laurel Hardy could measure up to his universal slap stick humor, but they would all fall pitifully short lacking the creative script know how.  

So here’s to you Mr. Brooks…when is your next film coming out? History of the World Part 88?