…And I’d Like To Thank The Academy


The Academy Awards…a nod to the glimmer of Old Hollywood that I hold so dear to my heart. Especially when modern day filmmaking might be more fascinating with more exciting technology behind ze camera, but the stories are getting more pathetic as writers and producers have run out of noteworthy stories. Don’t get me wrong; I adore all aspects of the movie making business at an artist’s standpoint, it’s just not the same world as it was over fifty years ago.
I’m such a snob when it comes to award shows as I ONLY care about ze Oscars….but I have a confession to make: I kinda watched the newest The Walking Dead epi (current obsessh) on Sunday night instead. First time I’ve EVER missed ze Oscars. have a standing date with the bestie to watch zombies take over my beloved ATL, because it’s sooo realistic obvs.
But my glamorous side always trumps, so I’ve gotta go over the aftermath of ze most important highlights: red carpet fashions, and the history. the thing I regret most missing the ceremony was the In Memorium portion where stars that have died in the past year are revered. After my grandmother’s passing in December, I think Shirley Temple’s death has caused my heart to mourn longer than I should. Moving along..

Interesting Fact: Bette Davis was the one who coined the gold statues “Oscar” in 1936 when she won hers for Best Actress as it reminded her of her own Uncle Oscar

Bette Davis only had EYES for her Oscar

Bette Davis only had EYES for her Oscar

Most important subject of award shows: three words, Fashion. Fashionnnn. FASHION!
here’s a little tidbit of all ze gowns worn by each of ze best actress winners from the beginning..well ze ones that were present. I was only sad that they didn’t show Joan Crawford’s infamous bathrobe..

Dress Your Best, Actresses.

Dress Your Best, Actresses.

okay here were my favies from this past Sunday:

1. J Law. gotta LURVE her. she’s like part of my own abnormally normal clumsy heart.
Her motto must be “Ze show must go on.” poor thing tripped on ze carpet AGAIN. I feel like it would totally be me. she’s so real. I have high respect for this gal who doesn’t take modern day Hollywood too seriously. Long Live J Law. a pure example of classy clumsy elegance ❤

JLaw and Cate

JLaw and Cate

And congrats to the ethereal modern day Kate Hepburn, AKA Cate Blanchett on her big win; I’ve yet to see Blue Jasmine, but am dying to see it now since I just found out it’s loosely based on Tennessee Williams’ Streetcar Named Desire.

STELLA STELLA STELLA!! (Vivian Leigh, Best Actress winner of SND in 1951.)

(Vivian Leigh, Best Actress winner of SND in 1951.)

2. Lupita Nyong’s flowy iridescent almost blue gown. it just makes me want to spin in circles. le sigh…

flowy confection.

flowy confection.

3. My most favourite gown had to be Catherine Martin’s. everybody knows her, duh!
Actually she is the makeup designer for The Great Gatsby, and a usual collaborator with the outstanding director, Baz Luhrman. She won Best Make Up Design AND Best Dressed in my book.
Her dress is soooooo 1940’s night club with a little frosting sewn in.

Goin to see ze Glenn Miller Orchestra play at zoot suite at ze Slappy Maxie's.

Goin to see ze Glenn Miller Orchestra play zoot suite at Slappy Maxie’s.

in the end, i’ll always have a special spot in my hear for Bright Eyes. My adoration of old movies was lovingly spawned after my grandmother introduced me to Shirley Temple at a tender age. Since then I’ve been passionately and incredulously enamored with ze original silver screen films of old Hollywood.
Shirley and Mema are now on that good ship lollipop. ❤ long live ze legacies of these beauty queens with hearts of gold.
Shirley and her Oscar


Happy Saint Valentine’s Day…Massacre Remembrance?

I know exactly what you are thinking……

Happy St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Remembrance Day.

Today we set aside time to remember the sad mobster lives lost so tragically on this day 85 years ago.



Whether you rooted for Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone or George Clarence (Bugs) Moran on that tragic  day(since obvs we were all alive back then,)

set your mob boss politics/Team Al t-shirts/Bugs Moran action figures aside, and remember the little lives that became swiss cheese.

you know you have one. Underdogs Reppin



“life is like piece of cheese”






in ze end i wanted to leave you with some yummy eyecandy. if you don’t love James Dean, then you’re not my friend. El Fin.

james dean

CORRECTION to The Social Network post.

Aside from my writing quality on last post being totally bollocks compared to my usual movie reviews, I wanted to point out a correction:

The female character played by Rooney Mara (the girl who Mark Z. was supposedly obsessed with) was a totally random fictionalized person, or so I have recently read. So who really knows what the inspiration was if it was not a girl…

the end.

The Social Network: A Friend-ly Pick

The Social Network: A Friendly Pick

The Real Mark Z..He keeps FB rollin’

Thanks Mark and Eduardo for creating a website that I’ve wasted hundreds of hours on, and getting me through college! !

I was presented with the opportunity to attend a free pre-screening of the widely publized new film, The Social Network, that comes out tomorrow night. If you haven’t heard of it, then you haven’t turned on your computer. There must be an advantage to working next to AMC theaters..

Basically The Social Network follows Mark Zuckerberg’s journey to creating Facebook. It hops back and forth between reminiscing times since the birth of the idea of such a social network, and in a conference room at the end when Zuckerberg is being sued by two different parties. If you haven’t heard of Facebook, then not only do you never turn your computer on, but you also must live under a rock and live the life of a hermit. Facebook is literally up there with Twilight- and that is not just coming from a Twi-hard fan, but it’s just a fact.

Facebook used to be the place for people you knew at the present, but now it’s for you to network and connect with your childhood best friend, dentist, old neighbor, sister’s bff, and probably your childhood enemy too.
But the story is more about the history of how Facebook, or more correctly- The Facebook, was born.

I can remember the first time I heard about Facebook. It was my freshmen year in university- September 2005 to be exact- some of my friends and I at the time were sitting outside on campus that night, and my roommate announced, “Guess what? Lipscomb’s got Facebook!”  Our lives were never the same.
Mind you this was in 2005 when Facebook was relatively new, and had exclusivity to college students only. You had to have a ‘.edu’ email address to join. Needless to say everyone checked FB after chapel, and in-between just about every class. If we had a FB class then we’d all be valedictorians.
Of course like all things, FB evolved and changed numerous times over the years- changing the way the wall looked, which made us want to pull our hair out, and eventually became open to everyone. And eventually spawned such sites like the celebrity-friendly Twitter.
But I will never forget my former roommate’s words.  Even though initially I had no idea what Facebook was, I knew it was great, and it would be big. It was.

Mark Zuckerberg was and undergrad at Harvard when he was introduced to a notion of a social networking site that was exclusive to all students at the university by twin brothers by the name of Winklevoss. Zukerberg, being the computer and mathematical genious that he is- hey he went to Harvard!- wanted to take that a step further with his own ideas of eventually expanding to other campuses, and with his own computer code.  He enlisted his best friend, Eduardo Saverin- a well to do economics student and fellow geek, to be his CFO and co-founder.
Obviously, the Winklevoss twins were furious when they found out about it because they think it was their idea, but Zuckerberg always defends himself saying that he created it with his own computer code- he did not plagiarize. And as this social network expands, the wealthy twins want to take legal action.
Mark and Eduardo are best friends, but you get the idea that Mark cares more for his invention-and the financial means (provided by Eduardo) than that friendship. Though at the end of the day you see that Mark does value his friend, more than any of the other people they know. Mark is extremely smart, and always knows what’s going on, even when he seemingly is slacking off. Mark Zuckerberg is the persona of a slacker- who acts like he is taking notes during the law suit sittings, but is actually doodling. But one of the attorneys will ask him a question since they don’t thing he is paying attention, but he gives them the answer and then some.
Mark and Eduardo’s friendship is, to me, the focal point of the film. It was their collaboration that brought this social network together. But they weren’t always looking at things eye to eye; enter Sean Parker, as portrayed by Justin Timberlake.
Sean Parker is the guy behind Napster- he had the great idea of free downloadable music, and made a bunch of money. But let it crash and burn.
Parker wants to join the team and wines and dines them. He put forth his only good contribution to the network by suggesting that they change it from “The Facebook” to just “Facebook.”
Mark was enamored by his ideas. Eduardo saw right through him.
Parker also wanted to expand FB even more so it would be multinational, but mostly he brought trouble and drugs to their team. He also wanted to get rid of Eduardo. Eduardo was done wrong, and he left the team. After Mark figured out how Parker was not as he seemed- he realized just how important Eduardo’s friendship and collaboration.

So Mark is being sued by the twins who say he stole their idea, and Eduardo since Sean had convinced him to take him off of the FB board. So they have all met in the end to reach a settlement.
Mark and Eduardo felt that through all of this they both had been betrayed by each other, but in reality it was the lawyers and the others around them that had manipulated them to believing so.  Eduardo was Mark’s greatest friend, and truest asset. So that is the small part that made the film sad to me- that it seemed as though their friendship was destroyed.

Eduardo was eventually put back on the Co-Founder list along with Mark. Hopefully their friendship was restored as well. Even though we usually hear Zuckerberg’s name associated with Facebook, it should be known that Edurado Savrin had just as much to do with it on the business end.

The film was well made and its two best attributes were its dramatic score- yes the music was really good for a documentary, and many comedic lines- usually coming from one-liners by the Winklevoss twins.

The movie was well cast with Jesse Eisenberg (best known for playing alongside Kirsten Stewart in Adeventureland.) giving a great performance as Mark Zuckerberg. It really was his movie. Eduardo was portrayed by Andrew Garfield- who is to be the new Spiderman in the comic book franchise. Eduardo was my favorite with his level headedness and steadfast friendship even when he was done wrong- Garfield gave a good performance.

Justin Timberlake was the infamous Sean Parker, and was the only actor who actually was able to meet his character whom he portrayed. Timberlake played his needy pathetic character well.
Rooney Mara played the girl, Erica, that dumped Mark at the beginning of the movie. Mark liked to be a jerk, and said some things he should not have about her, but she was a little too smarmy for my liking. Erica was the drive that caused Mark to want Facebook to be big, and then bigger and better. But her smarminess caused him to be a jerk towards her. It makes me wonder if the real Mark ever got over this girl. Mara is actually the actor who was recently cast to play in the American version The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo-let’s just hope that she has what it takes to play that role, because I don’t think she was that great- she had almost as much acting skill as Marilyn Monroe. But that’s another story.
And then there was Rashida Jones- best known for her one season on The Office when she played the Karen who dated Jim for a while. Jones had a minor role as a second year legal counselor who sat in with Mark’s lawyer during the settlement for experience. But Jones’ character was the one who pointed out to Mark where he went wrong with his friendship, and with the girl; That he wasn’t a jerk, he just liked to portray one.
I give the film a B+. It was very entertaining,

A ‘Suthun’ Belle’s Guide to Hitchin’ Up Her Hoop Skirt and tackling the Big City

This past February I went to NYC for the first time as a tourist.  

Eat your heart out Macaulay Caulkin.


I owned that town and CONQUERED the Q-Subway straight from Coney Island to the southern border of Central Park. [be jealous.]  

I walked -with my own two feet- from Canal Street to Battery Park…and then back.  

I came back home south of that Mason Dixon line….and I’m not going to lie..  

Get Ready For It..  

I’m Smitten.  

Needless to say, I am ready to go back as a New Yorker.  

Maybe Scarlett would throw her fist up at me; Harper Lee might throw daggers at me.. but this belle have found something that she did not know she so desired before the excursion.  

You might ask- why not Atlanta?  Well I live outside of it, and frankly my dear the only thing to really see in this down is the back of someone’s car. Seriously, people must visit ATL just to sit in major traffic since that is exactly what we have to offer.
And you cannot avoid it since it is so widespread, and no matter where you go, you have to get into a vehicle.  

I do not like that. At all.  

I want to WALK. I want the city sidewalks to be my runway for life.
I want to experience something life altering like moving away from home and into a big city, to be on my own, and shed the last bit of childhood behind as I become more responsible by being on my own.  

Being the Baby of the family does not necessarily mean that you are spoiled, but sometimes are blessed well beyond your basic means. Thus I must prove to myself that I CAN be more mature. That I can stand up for myself, take care of myself, and stand on my own to feet.  

I am twenty something years old, and I need to make a start for my life..on my own.  

Audrey Hepburn’s character Gabriella from Paris When It Sizzles put it the best way; When William Holden’s character asked her why she moved to Paris, she simply answered:  

“I want to LIVE!!”  

 (“No, no. I’m a Vampire!” Holden) 

So that is what I want to do. What I need to do. I want to LIVE in a thriving metropolis that never sleeps. I want to LIVE on my own two feet.I want to “Go absolutely Ape!” I WANT TO LIVE!  

My goal is less than a year.  

And I will write about my experiences as a small town girl making it in the big city. I have decided.  



The Deathly Hollows- Most Anticipated Moments

While I am thinking about it, I wanted to list the number of reasons why I am looking forward to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. 

This is unusual for me to write about since i am sometimes too focused on Twilight-that is normal though right?!-so this is me going at a different approach for something to write about. 

I had a special request from my cousin BDC who is an In-Denial Twi-hard refuses to watch Twilight with his wife (who happens to be Twi-Mom L that is just as addicted as I am.)  But he is a dedicated reader to my sarcasm column (thank you.) The request was to write about something that he is fully interested in too. So that got me thinking about Harry Potter. 

Now I am definitely a  HP….but it still is not nearly as fantastic as Twilight. 

My history of  HP in the last 10ish years has been…Harry who?….Hogwarts..is that a disease?!….Needless to say I asked the same question about Edward Cullen before I dove into the vegetarian Vampire  world. 

Let’s face it.. I lived under a rock most of my informative years. At least  I watched Dumb and Dumber religiously, so that should make up for something. 

So finally last winter I broke down and watched every HP movie made so far back to back. Then I was ready for the Deathly Hollows to end the story, but of course it hadn’t even been filmed yet, so I did the most logical and read the last book. When it comes to Arts and Entertainment I am very impatient to see how they end. “To Be Continued is like a death sentence. I do not watch much TV since I’m cheap and don’t have TIVO commercials make me want to hang myself. So I wasn’t going to wait around another year for the last book to be made into a film (or two.)
Maybe i should have read the books from the very beginning, but I did not think I would get into them as much as i would the movies.  But seeing as the last book was ohh soo good I might just do that. 

By the way, my favorite HP movie was year four in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire…I will let you guess why. 

This chap makes Hufflepuff look good! Well lets face it, he makes ANYTHING look good.


Now that I have subscribed to the J.K. Rowling movement, I am DYING to enroll into Hogwarts myself, and play Quiddich of course! (especially since i personally exhale in sports..) 

On’s Most Anticipated Moments of HP and The Deathly Hollows: 

continually, I am Team Ron. (Team Cedric officially…but he doesn’t stick around unfortunately like our three main protagonists.)  So I am reaaaaally looking forward to Rupert Grint studder when he talks to Hermione and quiver in his shoes when anything needs to be done. Heyyy bravery isn’t in EVERY bloodline, and that is OKAY!! 

"It's okay..this is my normal face...it's just a sp-sp-sp-SPIDER!!!"


 –THE TENT SCENES!  And you thought those were only synonymous to Twilight Saga:Eclipse. Well I have to say that HP has way cooler tents; tiny camping tents on the outside; but house-sized abode with separate fully furnished rooms on the inside. I want one dagnabbit.  Besides the tent itself, the three use the tent to stay hidden, and have numerous heart to hearts. 

-Ginny kissing Harry. Enough said. She stands by her man, but doesn’t get in the way. 

-Jamie Campbell Bower as Grindelwald! Okay this is the guy who plays the cynical Caius of the Volturi, and conjured a scandal by telling interviewers that the Volturi was going to shoot their scenes naked. Let’s see how he does with a more noble character.
Bower recently became engaged to Bonnie Wright (19) who plays Ginny. Vampires and Witches unite

Harry wouldn't approve.


 -Rhys Ifans as Xenphilious Lovegood. Now that is great casting. I love Luna, and as crazy as she is, her dad is 100 times more. I could not think of anyone else to fit that part. 

-Seeing George and Fred pulling shenanigans one. last .time. Sorry that was a spoiler possibly. 

-The ending. Will Ron end up with Hermione? Will Harry marry Ginny, and have children named after Sirius and his parents? What happens to Malfoy? Will Harry sacrifice everything for Valdermort? Usually HP is adapted well (GET A CLUE MELISSA ROSENBERG.)  So here’s to wondering if Harry’s fate stays true to form. 

This is the first time we've EVER skipped school at Hogwarts! Hope our teacher doesn't flunk us in Defense Against the Dark Arts! Who is our teacher??



Ron and Hermione. It only took him seven years to make a move. Only.


"This is how a "Mudblood" gets it done! Get out of the way Malfoy"


Collective Thoughts: Harry:"Do I look more like my mom or my dad? Do I look like Sirius with this grimace?" Ron: "I don't know why we aren't using his Invisibility Cloak, it might protect us against spiders too." Hermione-"At this rate, Ron won't shake my hand until we're graduated. Chicken!"


 November 19th where are you? 



Indie Films

New trailer for Welcome to the Rileys- starring James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, and Melissa Neo:

I like Indie Movies. One of my greatest dreams in the world would be to go to the Sundance Film Festival.
What is the difference between and Independent movie and a major motion picture?   Here is what i have come up with: Much bigger budget and Indies film six days a week instead of the usual five.

I will do more research on the topic.