Happy Saint Valentine’s Day…Massacre Remembrance?

I know exactly what you are thinking……

Happy St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Remembrance Day.

Today we set aside time to remember the sad mobster lives lost so tragically on this day 85 years ago.



Whether you rooted for Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone or George Clarence (Bugs) Moran on that tragic  day(since obvs we were all alive back then,)

set your mob boss politics/Team Al t-shirts/Bugs Moran action figures aside, and remember the little lives that became swiss cheese.

you know you have one. Underdogs Reppin



“life is like piece of cheese”






in ze end i wanted to leave you with some yummy eyecandy. if you don’t love James Dean, then you’re not my friend. El Fin.

james dean


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