A ‘Suthun’ Belle’s Guide to Hitchin’ Up Her Hoop Skirt and tackling the Big City

This past February I went to NYC for the first time as a tourist.  

Eat your heart out Macaulay Caulkin.


I owned that town and CONQUERED the Q-Subway straight from Coney Island to the southern border of Central Park. [be jealous.]  

I walked -with my own two feet- from Canal Street to Battery Park…and then back.  

I came back home south of that Mason Dixon line….and I’m not going to lie..  

Get Ready For It..  

I’m Smitten.  

Needless to say, I am ready to go back as a New Yorker.  

Maybe Scarlett would throw her fist up at me; Harper Lee might throw daggers at me.. but this belle have found something that she did not know she so desired before the excursion.  

You might ask- why not Atlanta?  Well I live outside of it, and frankly my dear the only thing to really see in this down is the back of someone’s car. Seriously, people must visit ATL just to sit in major traffic since that is exactly what we have to offer.
And you cannot avoid it since it is so widespread, and no matter where you go, you have to get into a vehicle.  

I do not like that. At all.  

I want to WALK. I want the city sidewalks to be my runway for life.
I want to experience something life altering like moving away from home and into a big city, to be on my own, and shed the last bit of childhood behind as I become more responsible by being on my own.  

Being the Baby of the family does not necessarily mean that you are spoiled, but sometimes are blessed well beyond your basic means. Thus I must prove to myself that I CAN be more mature. That I can stand up for myself, take care of myself, and stand on my own to feet.  

I am twenty something years old, and I need to make a start for my life..on my own.  

Audrey Hepburn’s character Gabriella from Paris When It Sizzles put it the best way; When William Holden’s character asked her why she moved to Paris, she simply answered:  

“I want to LIVE!!”  

 (“No, no. I’m a Vampire!” Holden) 

So that is what I want to do. What I need to do. I want to LIVE in a thriving metropolis that never sleeps. I want to LIVE on my own two feet.I want to “Go absolutely Ape!” I WANT TO LIVE!  

My goal is less than a year.  

And I will write about my experiences as a small town girl making it in the big city. I have decided.  




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