Eclipse: The Epic Film that puts the Predecessors to Shame.

Yes, you read that correctly. No, I am not bipolar.
That is in fact what happens when you put your inhibitions to the side and go see Eclipse 23 more times…or two [more] so far.  Hey I saw New Moon six times, but who’s counting, nothing to be proud of. NM stuck closer to the book, BUT Eclipse was made with more quality. So that is a better excuse to go an extra 20 more times, according to, that’s Normal! 

So after ranting on what I did not like about Eclipse, I thought it was time to give credit where it is due,  and compliment Summit for casting Rob and the cast and crew for what really IS good about the movie. Because I found when I went into the theater again [and again] to actually ENJOY the movie and not compare, then i really did ENJOY it. A. Whole. Lot. 




  1. Bella’s cat eye sunglasses she wears when she visits Renee in Jacksonville. They really are Tom Ford Anouks that sell for around ONLY $300…hmm I think I’ll get one in every color since they are soo “cheap.” Seriously I do want a pair! Obvs. It was the only apparel that Alice picked out for Bella in the movie since they were chic and fab-since she would not have picked them out herself.

    Bella's Tom Fords that Alice obviously picked out.


  1. LEG HITCH!!!! Yes it made it into the movie even though it was one second long meshed into the engagement scene.
  2. Claire de Lune! Remember in the first movie (ahem, namely Twilight) when Bella goes to the Cullens’ for the first time, and she turns on his stereo. He makes her dance with him. The song was Claire de Lune. And this is what Edward has playing when Bella comes over at the beginning of the engagement scene. My Favorite Scene. Edward talks about if they lived in his time he would “court” her, and “take her on chaperoned walks,” and “steal a kiss only after he asks permission from her father for her hand.” And this is when he does get on his knee, flashes Elizabeth Masen’s (his mother’s) early 1900’s wedding ring, she says yes, and literally jumps into his arms. How ROMANTICAL. Yes gentlemen, this is exactly what a lady wants to hear. TAKE NOTES.
  3. Rosalie’s story…so “movie only’’ may now see why she is the way that she is. But for a Twi-hards like myself, it is a chance for her to shine and show her “theatrical” side. Also I love the 1930’s setting of Rose’s human life-just that time period in general greatly interests me.
  4. Howard Shore. Period. Oscar winning composer (for The Lord of the Rings) brings his brilliance to the Twilight Saga with a beautiful symposium of pieces that are astounding and steps up the movie a few notches.
  5. The scenery of the mountaintops during the battle sequences and around the tent scene are simply breathtaking with the rich palette of gorgeous blues. Honestly the whole sequence where it cuts between the newborns coming up from the water, Shore’s marvelous background music, and the back of a literally dazzling Edward by the campsite looking out on the mountain view is a grand scale of scenery genius. Thank you David Slade. Slade also brought to us the wide close up shots of actors-which is what he is famous for.
  6. Renee’s Graduation gift to Bella. This is one of two additions to the film that made up for the deletion of Many book points. Renee actually made a quilt from all of the baseball shirts they got when they traveled with Phil on his minor league ball tours until Bella moved to Forks. It was extremely sweet and touching especially for Bella’s current circumstance where she is having to choose her future soon, and does not know how Renee and Charlie will fit into that picture.
  7. The second addition that was a positive was the camaraderie. It happens two different time and includes a vamp and wolf working together. First it is with Emmett and Paul who have a disagreement over the boundary lines at the beginning. Then during the big battle the pretty much tag team to beat down an unruly newborn, and at the end look in each others’ eye to quickly say “Teamwork.” Then after Jacob’s fateful bone breaking experience, Carlisle attends his rapidly healing wounds so he won’t have to go to the hospital. (he’s a wolf currently in human form with the temp. of 109, bad idea to go to the hospital.) Then before Dr. Cullen leaves the Black residents he shakes Billy Black’s hand. Seriously GROUNDBREAKING. Bella was happy about that.
  8. Jasper’s backstory. He finally let his Texan accent slip as he tells of his bloodthirsty newborn days, and how Alice saved him that one fateful day in Philly (though sadly as already discussed, Philly did not make the cut.) But most importantly Jazz and Alice’s shining moment when they kiss after his story. Jackson Rathbone (Actor who plays Jasper) actually admitted to bribing Rosenberg into writing in their much needed kiss. Thank you Jackson, it was Yummy. Alice and Jasper were M.F.E.O.’s.
  9. Alice’s outfits. Of Course. Alice is a Fashion Genius. She should seriously start her own haute couture clothing line. The great part about it would be that she would KNOW if each season’s line would be a hit or miss before she started it. Of course it would always be a hit though. She gets Best Dressed Award always. I especially loved her graduation party attire with the cute black ribbon headband.
  10. The wolf boys teasing Jake about his internal monologue of Bella. “Should I call Bella?” “Should I answer when she calls?” “Should I call her and hang up?” I have to say that they bromance teasing was pretty entertaining.
  11. “You’ll always be my Bella” scene hints to more of a real foundation to their relationship, and not just some physical teen love as it usually seems during most of this movie.
  12. “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” One of Edward’s funny lines (about an always half naked Jacob.) And pretty amazing when Rob Pattinson’s American English almost slips to his native British when he says “shirt.”
  13. Speaking of Rob Pattinson, Did I mention he plays Edward. That is a good enough reason to watch the movie. Just to drool at him and his chiseled jaw James Dean-like sexiness. Every red blooded American girl would do that.That’s normal too. Did I also mention he would absolutely make an incredible James Bond in say 10 years? Well I haven’t said it today yet at least. I wonder how that would be if he and Ashley Greene were reunited in 10 years for James Bond, since she wants to be a Bond Girl. Would they again DAZZLE on the screen? As a couple?? More importantly, would K-Stew be jealous??? (I think all of the above.)
  14. The Fight Training sequence. Jasper: “Don’t hold back.” Emmett: “Not in my nature!” Great music.
  15. Bella’s ending monologue explaining to Edward that she has made her choice, and knows it is the best choice since she can let everyone know that she got to choose and keep Edward. Edward had a good monologue when he was coaxing Victoria to stay for a fight after she had found them along with Seth the wolf. (Kudos to Rob’s acting there.)
  16. Edward’s patience. An unending element in both the book and film. He is not some random inexperienced and dramatic 17 year old boy. He is 109 years old and is dealing with his hand the best way he can, but what is most important to him is Bella’s happiness. Not his own. And that makes their love more real and strong.
  17. !!!! Yes it made it into the movie even though it was one second long meshed into the engagement scene.


Bottom Line: EPIC, best movie of the Saga so far giving all the credit to it being a better quality film. Music, scenery, cinematography, and possibly better acting all around. Still a few cheesy lines and facial expressions (i.e.- Riley and the Cullen’s pre-battle game face), but overlooking those it really is a work cinema art. 


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