Thirsty days of Twilight

2 1/2 more days…and it could not be anymore agonizing!!!
Dear Toy Story 3,
 I hope you are enjoying your consecutive spot at number 1 in the Box Office.. Because as of Wednesday you won’t be there anymore!!


Woody and Buzz won't be too happy when they aren't the 'shiny new toys' anymore.

Yes, you read that correctly..and Yes i purposely made Thirty into Thirsty for my Subject line.
Thank you for putting up with almost 30 blog style emails all about one subject.
And thank you to all that have suggested that i start blog-along with blog site recommendations for all of my rantings…whether it was because they found yet annoying vegetarian vampire in their inbox too many times in June and got tired of it, or actually somehow found those rantings somehow entertaining..the world may never know.
So I have said all of that to say this: Thanks to Blee, I am looking into to start my own “blog site.” So if it crumbles faster than the Wall of Jericho due to lack of readers, we will STORM Brooklyn with vengeance. ; ]

Blee & On- bringing awesomeness to underground nyc, one subway @ a time.


If you are [actually]”Thirsty” for more…i will be one mouse click away.
Also I friend of mine at work is working on getting his own collaborative fashion blog together, and has asked me to help out and be responsible for specific areas including trends and art [ageless fashion and film that is] because he actually thinks i exude trends of yesteryear=finally someone else sees that my style and taste lean more toward pre-1965…which is probably where i belong also.    More Info Soon.
So as a treat for all you Twi-in the closet-fans, and the other In-Denial-so-they-think-they-hate-it-Haters,
I am not going to write a 25 page blog today about why vege vampires are more kosher and organic than werewolves [..only 24 maybe..]
I am giving you the day off to enlighten yourself from your computer chair. Go dancing…dance because these type emails are just about expired.
I’ve got soo many other topics to type about that i have been putting off including movie reviews for Robin Hood, The A-Team [did Billy as for too much money to be in the movie??]. Or the constant thorn in my side about MGM such having ‘money problems’ that they cannot put the new 007 film together yet. Ohhh My Gravyyy (My current favorite quote by Abby Leigh) maybe if you had not put out tons of money for average flicks in the first place instead of saving in for real beefy franchise movies that bring in a whole lotta dough…and show a sexy Daniel Craig. Maybe if you had your act together we would not be in this mess. If they wait too long to film the new James Bond than Craig might get too old to play the part without wearing some MadTV’s “Opps I Crapped My Pants” pants and then they will have to shorten his 007 career too soon by replacing him with another young talented British actor-WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED since I silently vowed not to talk about that Saga that is Harry Potter-like and centers around a clutz prown girl who is in love with a “bloodsucker.” Did i say too much??  Well the 007 replacement part is more than okay in the future, but i still want Craig as Bond a few more years  before he retires his Whalter PPK, and lets Money Penny flirt with a brunette, green-eyed sexy younger 007 who once played Cedric Diggory in HP and the Goblet of Fire.
Looking over what all I had just typed up, it seems that it was a good trade to not talk about the biggest movie of the year…and talk all about myself. (sarcasm)
I wasn’t meaning for that to happen since that subject is just as boring as reading Great Expectations in 9th grade.  I was going more for the James Bond obsession. Because believe it or not I am still obsessed with James Bond even though I’ve had other larger obsessions-or just one- for the past year or so…I’m just not crazy about the cheap looking 007 shirt we have at Old Navy that looks handmade and is way overpriced for a “Collectabilitee” shirt. Sean Connery would not be caught dead in THAT rag.

Chow fellow 007-hards and the like.


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